Friday, 2 September 2011

Team Effort

Badge-making mark 2. It's an alien! 
Probably won't be a big seller! 

I had a lightbulb moment. I keep missing people when I pop out of the hub to fetch things so I left a message board. It was so lovely to come back and have a message. Love it!

Mr Johnson's jam jars were all packed up and ready for me to collect at 5pm as arranged. I dropped some straight around to Rachael and am just home at 10pm. It turns out her husband is an expert in all things practical so we talked worktops for a while. As topics of conversation go, I was seriously out of my depth. Then it was around to Zoe's and I came away with the promise of two cakes for the cake fair on the 10th. Zoe is the Queen of Victoria Sponges so the cake stall is looking mouth-watering good already. 

Once home Chaz, a cafe customer from Cullompton, had seen my poster and emailed some very helpful improvements. So the new and improved poster will be circulated just as soon as I have refilled my ink cartridges. 

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