Thursday, 22 September 2011

Freebie Number 2

Lovely to see Chrissy this morning. We worked together at the Cafe and within minutes of her arrival, I had splashed water all over her whilst filling the kettle...some things don't change.

We had Carluccio's chocolate bears for breakfast:
Dad arrived with the desk and the mirror (see yesterday). I asked the men who work upstairs to come and help me carry them in (we don't have a takeaway nearby so I had to improvise). Then dad rebuilt the desk for me. What would you hope to find in the drawer of a recently purchased desk? Money? A treasured love letter taped to the bottom of the drawer? A gold locket? A nit comb? Guess which one I found?
Freebie number 2
I gently mentioned the dresser I had just bought on eBay to dad as it is currently on the other side of Exeter and it isn't going to fit in (or on) my car. He smiled so I have a feeling we will collecting that together soon. Thank you dad. The dresser is Sharon's clever way of making sure all the tea and coffee facilities are functional and look fabulous in the hub.

Buy a desk... 
...get your mirror for free
A lovely man called Chukes came by to find out what we are up to. In the end I left dad and Chukes chatting and went back to work.  Chukes works in the NHS and when he has recovered from his man-flu I hope we will link up. 

Hannah from the Craft Hub came by to talk. Craft Hub do great things and she has some great things planned all over Exeter. I hope they will hold some events in the Hub on the Green so we can join in the fun. We are talking again next week so we'll see. 

I had a quick key hunt. It is impossible for me to go a month with out a bit of key-drama. I was sprinkling keys and key fobs all through Princesshay but I did find the missing keys at the old centre and without the need for my metal detector- hurray! 

Two lovely ladies and babies came by and were excited about the centre and what it will offer mummies and babies. They liked Abbie's Peppa Pig collection. Mariam (lovely lady number one) owns the beauty therapists at 3 Cathedral Close and serves you tea from a china tea service whilst you are being treated. How lovely is that?! If you can't find me at the hub, you know where I'll be!

Then I headed out onto the Cathedral Green to get some internet reception. When I got to the entrance there was a lady standing reading the boards. It happens all the time. So I went up to say hello as I always do.
"Joey Lee?" she says, "Well I never."
And I recognised her too. I knew I knew her really well. But I didn't know where from. 
"I know you really well," I said, "but I don't know where from..."
"You do." she replied "From a long time ago."
So I stood and I starred at her. And she smiled back. And I carried on starring
I knew I really liked her, and I knew I was really fond of her. It's a strange feeling when you just can't place someone. Then it came to me. Struan's mum - my first boyfriend's mum. I hadn't seen her for 18 years. So we talked and talked and caught up on 18 years in about an hour. I love the hub and we're only just getting started!

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning: If you would like to come to our coffee morning on Thursday 13th October at 10am we would love to see you. I would also love to know you are coming so I can look forward to the day without worrying that it will be me, myself and I! I know I say it all the time but the more the merrier. All the money raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. We will be selling Phoenix Cards (Phoenix Trading already give 10% of card sales to Macmillan) and for any cards sold at the coffee morning we will give all our profits to Macmillan which will mount up to quite a lot I hope. If anyone else would like to run a stall or bake a cake or organise something - let me know. 
Have a look CLICK HERE... (type in Exeter and then click on Exeter, Devon) 

Tomorrow themes: blinds, practice sewing, moving boxes from the old place (puff, pant!) and I may be meeting a man about a singing group followed by an evening of Mr Stink at the Northcott complete with scratch and sniff programs. 

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  1. A nit comb! Ha ha ha. I guess that was your just desserts for getting a free mirror. A weird thing to keep in a desk drawer though!!

    sounds like you're busier every day, which is great!

    sophie is v excited to see the Peppa Pig collection, and we may even be able to add to it!

    will try to pop in before 1st oct but everything madly busy here - extension nearly finished!

    we will definitely come to the coffee morning on 13th although how long we stay depends on how quiet alex and soph are!

    Lots of love xx