Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Feldenkrais and Wardrobes

Exciting news...we have our first piece of dolls' house furniture. A wardrobe from Sophie and it is due to be delivered on Saturday at the Craft Fair. Hopefully we won't need dad's land rover for this one!

The fabulous Klaas Overzee, who taught classes at our cafe in Cullompton that people are still talking about for all the right reasons, is starting Feldenkrais classes at The Hub on the Green on Tuesday evenings. If you would like more details please contact me.

My website has disappeared so if you see a poster with the new website www.hubonthegreen.net on it then please refer to this blog for a little bit longer whilst I sob, stamp my feet and try and sort it out. This might be the time I wander upstairs and grab one of 'The Techy Ones'. This is so out of my comfort zone. Please bear with me. 

We also have children's craft after school activities in the pipeline. If you would like to be kept up to date with anything specific, let me know. 

Meditation on Monday nights starts on 3rd October. 

Tomorrow is all about the plumbers! Having mastered the whole B&Q thing and spent this evening learning what a hand trolley is and getting excited about taps - bring on the plumbing!


  1. Ok - watching the Great British Bake Off is giving me baking envy, I wish I had skills like these people!! Oh well. At least I know I can make the fruit cake - and am going to make my Grandma's ginger biscuits too (unless biscuits aren't allowed at a cake fair!)

    Sophie will very much enjoy playing with anything going, (mostly she's talking about seeing Lottie again, and using the sparkly pens, and seeing the Joey on the Green as Daddy calls you!)


  2. You really need to start watching Blue Peter too Becky. Their current fundraising is 'Bake a Difference' and Lottie is sooooo excited. She has a Blue Peter badge and is looking to get the next badge up. I have said she an use The Hub for something.
    Now Lottie won't be at this fair (she is very sad about that) as it is a daddy weekend but she will come back with a vengeance for the November one!!! I will miss my right-hand girl and it sounds like Sophie might too.
    BISCUITS ARE SO ALLOWED! What a great idea. They sound yummy. I haven't forgotten about your recipe swap or about the adult tombola but we may start these next month as there is so much change this month already. But if you would like to start the recipe swap by bringing along recipe(s) to share that would be great.
    Lots of love Joey on the Green (it's a little like Jenny on the Block don't you think?!!!)